A Golf Beginner has different needs to an elite golfer: The biggest challenges are probably: length, direction, consistency and the hope to lose not too many balls during a round. It wouldn’t be advisable to pick an Elite Players ball like the Titleist ProV1 or the Srixon Z-Star. These balls would make the game even harder for Beginners. It would be better to go for a ball that helps you to get the extra distance, a ball that helps you to play straight and avoid the rough to lower your score and enjoy the game. A ball that is robust and forgives (small) mistakes… an if a mistake happens: goes easy on your budget.


1. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball


Technical Specifications: 

  • HIGH ENERGY CORE – The high energy core, paired with a unique dimple pattern, provides optimal flight trajectory and tour-like distance.
  • DURABLE COVER – The durable cover provides long-lasting playability through a range of conditions.

What they say: The Ultra 500 Distance golf balls provide maximum distance and long-lasting durability to beginners with improving swing speeds.

What we say: The Wilson Ultra 500 is a perfect ball for beginners. It is exactly as Wilson says: “maximum distance and long-lasting durability” at a reasonable price. If you are new to the game and a Beginner Golfer you can’t be wrong with this ball.

Overall Rating:  99/100 Points

Check Price: NEW! (30) WILSON Ultra 500 Long Distance White Cut-Proof Two-Piece Golf Balls by Wilson

2. Nike PD Long     

nike pd long

Technical Specifications: 

  • A high-velocity core and softened ionomer cover deliver optimal distance and a more responsive feel
  • 314 dimple aerodynamics for penetrating ball flight and added roll

What they say: The Nike PD Long Golf Balls are made with a high-velocity core and softened cover for increased responsiveness and more distance from tee to fairway.

What we say: The Nike PD was designed to create a lower and longer ball flight with added roll to maximise distance. And it does exactly that. A classical two piece ball and a fantastic ball for every Golf Beginner who wants to use a ball with a strong brand.

Overall Rating:  97/100 Points 

Check Price: Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball

3. Top Flite XL Distance Golf Ball   


Technical Specifications:

  • The Gold Standard of distance and durability for nearly 30 years
  • Super distance and maximum durability
  • Distance dimple technology for consistent performance
  • High resiliency core for legendary Top Flite® distance
  • High speed, low spin ionomer cover provides cut-proof durability

What they say: Achieve ridiculous length off the tee with the Top Flite® XL Distance. XL Golf Balls have been a reliable selection for distance, durability and value for nearly 30 years. A high resiliency core leads to big blasts with the driver and distance dimple technology uses high surface area coverage for great golf ball performance.

What we say: The Top Flite XL is a classic. We wouldn’t go as far as Top Flite and call it “The Gold Standard”. Nevertheless it is a ball which is highly reliable and comes at a very reasonable price. If you are a Golf Beginner and don’t want to spend much time on ball selection, go for the Top Flite XL – It is fantastic value for money.

Overall Rating:  95/100 Points 

Check Price: XL Long & Strong Distance 3 Golf Balls

The Alternatives:   

In addition to buying new balls there are plenty of (cheaper) alternatives for the Golf Beginner.

Option 1 – X-OUT Balls

X-Out golf balls are usually at steep discounts to “regular” golf balls. That’s because an X-Out ball is the result of a mistake in the manufacturing process.Those imperfections are often cosmetic in nature, and usually so small as not to be noticeable. The balls usually play the same as their counterparts, or at least close enough that most Golf Beginners or Hobby Golfer could never tell the difference. X-Out Balls are a great alternative for practice rounds, however there is one catch: They are not allowed in tournaments, but otherwise a good alternative. 

Option 2 – Lake Balls

Golf Balls reclaimed from lakes or other hazards sound like a great alternative to new balls for many players. In reality the are not! If a ball is too long under water (12 hours or more). The outermost layer of the golf ball allows water to enter into the ball. This is mainly because modern layers of multi-layer golf balls are usually constructed to attract moisture in order to prevent adverse affections due to weather. But if golf balls sit in the water for longer periods of time, permanent damage will be the result. While invisible from the outside, this damage will clearly affect the driving distance off the tee. Not recommended!