Elite Golfer

May 22, 2016

What is an Elite Golfer?

As an Elite Golfer you are within the top 5%. You have a single figure handicap. You master a wide variety of shots and want a ball to realise your full potential. A ball that spins on the green if you want it to spin. A ball that provides you a soft and direct feel from tee to green.


As an elite golfer you deserve the best golf balls available to maximise your potential. We tested them and here is our verdict:


1. Titelst ProV1 – The Winner!  

titleist proV1

Technical Specifications: 

  • Dimple design The Pro V1 features a spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design.
  • Cover system: Patented soft Urethane Elastomer™ cover.
  • Core: The Pro V1 is a three-piece, multi-component technology with a very soft compression ZG process core and monomeric casing layer.

What they say: More short game spin and control with even softer feel, penetrating trajectory for exceptional distance, and long-lasting durability.

What we say: The Titleist ProV1 is our clear test winner in the Elite Golfer category. There is a reason why most tour players use this ball. The Pro V1 has a softer feel, slightly more long game spin and a more penetrating trajectory that produces a shallower angle of descent and more roll than most other elite golf balls. The difference is noticeable for all shots between tee and green. From the tee it launches straight with low driver spin. Into the green the ProV1 is easy to control and stop. On the green it provides a great feel and feedback even for very long puts. If you are a top golfer you deserve a top golf ball. Go for the Titleist ProV1! It is not only the best ball around, it is also a ball with an amazing story (click here to read more).

Overall Rating:  100/100 Points

Check Price: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Dozen – One Size Only

2. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball  

Technical Specifications: 

  • Fast Ball Speeds Callaway is the only golf ball company that has the new Dual SoftFast Core™. It’s engineered for fast ball speeds with low spin for players needing spin reduction to optimize their launch conditions off the tee.
  • Total Performance Through The Bag The 4-piece construction, mantle layer and Tour Urethane Cover all combine for even more control throughout the bag, especially with your scoring clubs from 100 yards and in. Now you have even more spin for aggressive shots into the green.
  • Low Compression For Incredibly Soft Feel The Dual SoftFast Core lets you compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight. And it has amazing feel around the greens.

What they say: EXCEPTIONAL DISTANCE, MORE CONTROL INTO THE GREEN, AND INCREDIBLY SOFT FEEL. The Chrome Soft Golf Ball is designed for Tour Proven performance with exceptional feel. The 4-piece construction and Dual SoftFast Core provide higher ball speeds and optimal spin rates to maximise performance through the bag. See here whatPhil Mickelson (5x Masters winner & Callaway ambassador) thinks about the ball.


What we say: The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf ball is a true master piece. The Dual SoftFast Core can be called a true innovation as it allows you to control the ball with the shorter irons around the green. For long shots the distance is also remarkable. The ball takes off and flies slightly lower resulting in longer ball runs after the landing. Overall there isn’t much of a difference to the Pro V1! Highly recommended for the Elite Golfer.

Overall Rating:  98/100 Points

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3. Titleist ProV1x   

titleist prov1x

Technical Specifications: 

  • Dimple design The Pro V1x features a spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design.
  • Cover system: Patented soft Urethane Elastomer™ cover.
  • Core: The Pro V1x is a four-piece, multi-component technology with a ZG process dual core and responsive ionomeric casing layer.

What they say: More short game spin and control with softer feel, high launch and low spin for extraordinary distance and long-lasting durability.

What we say: The Titleist ProV1X is similar, but not exactly the same to the ProV1 (without the X). Click here for a short video to see the difference. Both balls are absolutely outstanding, but the key difference is that the ProV1X is slightly longer, Driver spin is slightly lower and the flight is a bit higher. These exceptional benefits are achieved by a feedback which is soft, but not as soft as the ProV1. These small differences will make the ProV1 a bit more appealing to the very best players (Pro-level), but the ProV1x a bit more appealing to the elite amateur with a low single handicap. To cut a long story short: It is a remarkable ball and certainly belongs on the podium for the best balls in golf for elite players.

Overall Rating:  96/100 Points

Check Price: Titleist Pro V1x 2015 (DOZEN)

4. Wilson Staff FG Tour  

wilson staff fg tour

Technical Specifications: 

  • ADVANCED 4-PIECE CONSTRUCTION Each layer is uniquely designed for optimal performance. The soft core provides feel and low driver spin, both mantle layers promote maximized velocity and the cast urethane cover generates tour-quality spin and control.
  • 70 COMPRESSION At 70 compression, this groundbreaking technology provides the softest feel of any high performance urethane golf ball.
  • 318 DIMPLE PATTERN This ball guarantees a stable and penetrating flight trajectory in even the toughest wind conditions.

What they say: The Wilson Staff FG Tour four-piece urethane tour ball sets a new standard for the discerning player. As the softest tour ball designed for the Feel (F) player, the FG Tour guarantees exceptional distance from the tee, best-in-class spin around the greeen and unmatched soft feel.

see the Wilson Staff FG Tour Video

What we say: The first thing that stand out about the Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf ball is the low compression (70 compared to 90-107 for most top balls). It feels very soft and for the short game this ball ticks all the boxes. For longer shots the urethane cover provides a great feedback and thanks to its hard core the ball flies straight and long. It is a very good golf ball and lives up to the high demands of the very best golfers.

Overall Rating:  92/100 Points

Check Price: Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball (12-Pack), White

5. Srixon Z-Star 

51GFqKT4BeL._AC_UL320_SR302,320_Technical Specifications: 

  • SECOND GENERATION SPINSKIN™ The new coating increases the frictional force at impact by 18% compared to the previous version resulting in even more green side spin, control, and a softer feeling ball.
  • 324 SPEED DIMPLE™ PATTERN Next generation Speed Dimple™ technology combines higher dimple uniformity and surface coverage to create a more aerodynamic design with less drag, resulting in longer distance and a truer ball flight in any wind condition.
  • ENERGETIC GRADIENT GROWTH™ CORE Advanced construction optimises S.T.A.R. Performance. (Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness). The result is unmatched performance on every shot.

What they say: The new Z-STAR with next generation SpinSkin™ gives players unmatched feel and control, while the new Speed Dimple™ technology combines with the Energetic Gradient Growth™ core to deliver incredible distance.

What we say: The Srixon Z-Star is an excellent ball for the elite golfer. Reasonably long from the tee. Very controllable around the green. The ball is not as good as the Titleist or Callaway, because it doesn’t provide the same feedback and spin. Nevertheless it is a great ball  and definitely deserves a top 5 spot in our golf ball ranking ball for the elite golfer.

Overall Rating:  91/100 Points 

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